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Politics and Film


Politics has been defined as the authoritative allocation of values within a society. Because of this emphasis on social values, politics and popular culture frequently intersect, which means going to the movies is often a form of political engagement. Film, like politics, is most effective when it is persuasive. Sometimes, movies seek to challenge our preconceptions and assumptions, while other times films seek to reinforce the legitimacy of existing power structures.

Covering multiple important themes in Political Science, POLI 309 – Politics & Film, will offer students an opportunity to explore how movies both shape and reflect political culture. Students will use classic cinema to engage in political debates across a variety eras in American history in an interactive, as well as entertaining, way.

POLI 309 is taught by William Blake, an assistant professor in the Political Science Department at UMBC, who balances a healthy workload with amazing discussion, providing a genuinely funny approach to content. Professor Blake’s research examines how judges decide cases and how ordinary Americans understand, support, and sometimes criticize the Constitution.

POLI 309 is a fully online course. It requires reliable internet access and computer literacy; and the ability to self-manage independent learning assignments according to deadlines. In place of classroom activities, online work may include independent mastery assignments, discussion boards, videos with quizzes, writing assignments, and other active learning experiences.

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