Featured Faculty: Gib Mason


Gib Mason, a UMBC alumnus, is a successful serial entrepreneur who is passionate about his students, which is greatly reflected in his teach style. Former students describe Gib as amazing, dedicated, genuine, and invigorating.

Gib has worked as CEO, COO, and CFO for various different startups and well-established companies, including the 180s, which is known for inventing those wrap around ear warmers we all know and love. Today, Gib works withUMBC Training Centers during the day and lectures at UMBC in the evenings.

“He has real life experience and is willing to share the good, bad, and the ugly,” says Laiela A., a former student.

According to Kurt G., another former student, “Gib has a genuine passion for what he does and that shows through his teaching. He really cares about seeing his students grow and is very interactive. He is very open minded and always encourages people to be open with their views and opinions.”

Gib’s teaching style is unique. It’s powerful, captivating, and engaging.

“He let the students come to conclusions, guiding them when they went off track, but always encouraged the students to take responsibility and action in their learning,” says Josh M., who took a class with Gib during the Fall 2015 semester. “Summed up, he teaches students HOW to think as opposed to WHAT to think. Gib’s wealth of knowledge and experience provided a plethora of real life stories he could magically tie into the lesson that kept the class fun and engaged and he often would get us up out of our seats to DO something instead of just listen.”

His classes are a lot of work, but the challenges only motivate you to continue forward, and Gib is there every step of the way to offer guidance and support. Rachel G. says, “His ability to give constructive criticism regarding papers and presentations only that motivates you to work harder on the next. Never in all my years of education have I enjoyed presenting, until my classes with Gib Mason.”

This summer, Gib is teaching ENTR 340 Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving & the Socialpreneur. This 6-week course aims to solve real-world problems for a real organization by participating in a variety varied of creative problem-solving strategies. Students will also participate in activities and class readings that will expand and explore how to be socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Gib’s classes are career and personally transforming. As Josh M. puts it, “I came out of every class I took with Gib invigorated and eager to learn and do more. I learned more about myself, time management, group dynamics, patience, decision making, and delegation than in any other classes I took – maybe combined. I also made friends that I keep in touch with, regularly, to this day (4 years later).”

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